Comparing moose antlers to other types of antler chews

A question we get asked often,
How are moose antler chews different when compared to elk or deer?

Moose antlers have a unique shape and density when compared to elk and deer. The paddles (spoons) have a higher ratio of tasty marrow compared to elk and deer antlers. The durable outer layer (this makes a chew long lasting) is thinner and lighter chewing dogs prefer this chew type. These softer antler chews are cut from the main palm (refer to diagram) of the moose antler.
moose antler chew diagram
Not all moose chew cuts are low density, soft chews. Moose antlers have a wide range of densities throughout the antler. The tines, brow palm, and beam are very high density and durable. These are the hardest antler chews you can purchase and higher density than elk or deer chews. If you are seeking a chew that will last for months, if not years, this is your chew.

Most vendors sell moose chews based on size not density, and you will not know if you will be receiving a softer main palm or durable brow palm. We take the frustration out of buying moose antler chew and list every moose chew individually with description of density, dimension, and recommended chewer type.

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