Dogs Supporting Dogs

Our origins come from dogs supporting dogs. Chewy Pawz was founded in 2018 as a means to financially support our working dog program K9 Pipe Inspections. Our team of detection dogs find naturally shed antlers along with detecting pinhole leaks for buried oil and gas pipelines across the USA!

100% Wild Antlers

There is no way we could find enough shed antlers just on our own! We buy directly from shed hunters across the Northwest. Our goal is to cut out the middleman and pass those savings along to our customers. Our 100% wild sourced antler chews are cleaned, hand cut, and sanded in house at our family run Wyoming based facility. Our antlers are Grade A, USA sourced wild elk, deer, moose, and caribou.

USA Farm Direct

Our roots come from our multigenerational family farm/ranch in North Central Montana. We have used our knowledge of quality proteins and connections with local ranchers to source our product line of single ingredient, dehydrated treats and chews. All of our dehydrated single ingredient treats are sourced from local Wyoming and Montana ranchers. We meet with our local ranchers to ensure our quality and ethical standards are met. None of our products come from corporate run facilities/feedlots and are USA sourced.

Meet the Doggone Family

 We are a 3 dog run business with woman and minority business owners doing the tasks that require opposable thumbs. We are proudly based in the wide open plains of Northeastern Wyoming. All of our products are locally sourced and processed at our Wyoming facility. If we aren't in the office, then you'll most likely find us shed hunting in the the Bighorn Mountains.