Chewy Pawz

It all started with dogs supporting dogs.

Meet Us

Our beginning was quite literally dogs supporting dogs. Chewy Pawz was originally founded as a means to pay for fees incurred in the training and development of our our working dogs on behalf of K9 Pipe Inspections, and we couldn't have done it without the amazing network of customers turned friends who believed in our goals.
You know who you are! Thank you

In addition to their jobs as pipeline leak detection dogs, our K9 team spends time along the Northern Rockies hunting for antlers and networking with other shed hunters across Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, and Colorado. We share our shed hunting adventures on our Instagram stories, so be sure to look us up!

There is no way we could find enough shed antlers just on our own! We buy directly from shed hunters across the Northwest. Our goal was to cut out the middleman and pass those savings along to our customers. All chews are processed in small batches in house.

We have come a long ways since 2017, and Chewy Pawz has grown into something bigger than we ever expected. We now have a future goal of expanding into ethically raised and economically priced raw dog foods and treats. Stay tuned for these new developments!


We are proud of our eco friendly business practices, and we care about sustainability.

Antlers are naturally shed every year. No animals are harmed. As an added bonus, antlers are renewable and eco-friendly. No added chemicals, preservatives, or processing. Just as nature intended.

All antler chew orders under 16oz are shipped in compostable mailers. We use biodegradable and compostable tape along with kraft recycled business tags (secured with hemp not plastic). Our chews have no additional packaging or wrap to reduce unnecessary waste.

We also invest in equipment from companies that supply replacement parts and support equipment longevity. It's a small but important detail to us. We want the ability to repair instead of replace equipment over the span of years and hopefully decades. We believe in reducing our consumption of products that do not biodegrade, such as our saws and sanders.

In short, we care about our impact and if you are purchasing our chews, it's safe to say you likely feel the same way. Thank you for supporting us.



Dutch Shepherd
Pack Matriarch
Leak Detection Dog
Highly skilled in locating pronghorn sheaths


German Shepherd
Leak Detection Dog
Passionate about taste testing all antler chews


Social Butterfly
Detection Dog In-Training
Every stranger is a friend you haven't met yet

The Humans

Woman and Minority business owners
Doing the heavy lifting and tasks that require opposable thumbs.

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