Whole Moose Antlers. How long do they last?

No question about it, moose is our dog customers' #1 pick. In terms of durability, moose antlers have a wide range of densities. The "spoon" paddle portion is medium density and an easier chew preferred by light or moderate chewers. The tines and lower portion closer to the base are more durable and ideal for strong chewers.

Whole Moose Antlers are a great pick for dogs that prefer a chew that has an easier start point (the medium density paddle) with a durable portion that will last weeks if not months. This is the best benefit of antler chews; a natural, long lasting chew free of plastics, nylon, and other artificial ingredients.

If you have a multiple dog household, large breeds or want to have a cool conversation piece in your living room, a whole moose antler chew might be a good pick for your dog(s).

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