Is Rabbit Good for Your Dog?

Rabbit is a healthy addition to your dog's diet and may benefit them in more ways than you would expect! What many do not know is that rabbit is also more eco friendly than many other proteins for pet (and human consumption). If your pet struggles with skin irritation, inflammation, or stomach sensitivity with foods... continue reading.


Rabbit is a novel protein. A novel protein is one your pet is seldom exposed to in their normal diet. Rabbit is a top pick for pet owners with protein based allergies. Food allergies can show in the form of hot spots, itchy skin, poor coat, or GI tract irritation. Long exposure to a single protein is believed to trigger a dog’s food allergy. Some canine nutritionists believe adding novel proteins to your pet’s diet can lower allergy risks.

Cooling Protein

In traditional Chinese medicine, cooling proteins, such as rabbit, are believed to help with inflammation. Warmer proteins, such as lamb, are thought to increase body heat with the potential to inflame an allergic reaction. Cooling proteins could benefit by balancing energy in pets prone to running “hot” with allergies and inflammation.

Healthy Choice

Rabbit has more protein per ounce than beef, pork, chicken, or lamb with essentially no saturated fat! A good protein source for pets needing a nutritious treat that is lower in calories and fat. It is also low in cholesterol and a heart healthy choice.

Eco Friendly

Rabbit produces 6x the meat on the same feed and waters as cattle consume to produce only one pound. Large livestock can be a heavy burden on the land and compete with feeds used for human consumption. The environmental impact of raising rabbits is very low and less space is needed for ethical production. The globally increasing demand for food and the decrease of available open space lead to feedlots and mass confinement of large livestock. Rabbits are a great choice as a low impact, high production animal that have a very minimal impact on land and water.

Our Rabbits

Our network of rabbit growers are based in the wide open spaces of Wyoming. Almost all of these small family farms with rabbits are run by their youth participating in 4-H. This program encourages production management, showmanship, ethical animal raising, and breed standards. The funds we pay are used by these families to continue the eduction of quality animal management to our future generation. We have 100% transparency with our growers on how meat rabbits will be processed.

We do not purchase from large commercial facilities or any grower we have not met in person to ensure a high degree of ethics. These rabbits are free of hormones or antibiotics and are raised with space, a high degree of ethics, and love from their families.

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