Safe Storage for Natural Chews

Zero Additives

Natural chews from Chewy Pawz have not been treated with chemicals, lyes, salts, bleaches, or preservatives. A natural chew with zero additives provides a product that has NOT been leached of its natural health benefits for your pet.

Providing your pet with maximum nutritional benefits is important to us. We source quality proteins from local Wyoming/Montana farmers and ranchers and process them with our human food grade standards.

Quality Matters

We (the owners) come from multiple generation farmers/ranchers from Montana and have extensive experience with the cattle industry and meat processing. We know what to look for in quality animal production and understand the true meaning of ethical animal standards beyond the corporate marketing terms you may see at your local grocery store.

Simply Air Dried

Your treats and chews (excluding antlers) have been cleaned with water and gently dehydrated with low heat and air. Your pet’s chews have been preserved in an ancient process humans have been using for thousands of years for meat preservation. Our products dry and keep well with dehydration because we start with high quality products using human grade standards.

Safe Storage

Our chews are stored in a cool, dry area prior to shipping and keep well. Depending on your home environment and humidity, your natural chews can also be stored in a cool, dry area. Our storage facility is kept at 20% humidity or lower. If your chew accumulates moisture (from chewing or humidity), dry it out or store in the freezer. We do not recommend using refrigerators to store your product. Moisture can accumulate on your product and this can create an environment prime for mold growth.

Safe practice is to store your chew in a cool, dry environment for up to 30 days then store in the freezer for long term storage. We ship across the United States and every home environment is different. Consider safe storage away from pests and bugs that could be attracted to your pet’s chews. Yet again, a freezer is the safest universal dry storage that most homes across the United States have access to.