Fur, Feathers, and Gut Health

If you are investing in your pet’s health, then you want to give them the best chance to absorb the nutrients you are providing them.

Fur & Feathers

Did you know fur and feathers can be beneficial to your pet? Fur and feathers act as a natural fiber that help sweep out waste in the digestive system. They also contain an important trace mineral called manganese. Manganese plays a role in producing energy, absorption of nutrients, and metabolizing proteins and carbs. Many dog food manufactures add legumes, grains, and vegetables to provide manganese in their formulas, but fur and feathers can be a more biologically appropriate way to provide this trace mineral. Choosing products with the skin attached can also contain collagen and elastin (the connective tissue in the skin). Avoid products that have been treated with lyes, this strips the skin of connective tissue and the collagen rich portions of the skin. Our favorite product to introduce feathers (skin included) are whole grind quail patties.

Fur and feather chews can also help clean teeth naturally and bulk up stool which can help naturally express anal glands. Not to mention, fur and feather chews satisfy a primal instinct to chew and tear which releases stress relieving endorphins.

Quality Diet

Biologically appropriate diets can help your pet’s overall nutrition and gut health. Avoid low quality kibble that can be high in carbs and fillers with minimal protein. Choose a quality raw diet or kibble with meat as the first ingredient. If a complete raw diet isn’t possible, you can enhance your pet’s diet with raw and dehydrated additions. Check out these high quality single ingredient treats and chews that can supplement a balanced diet (don’t forget to rotate proteins). Bone broth can also be a great addition to add to your pet’s bowl.

Enhance Gut Health

Incorporating prebiotics and probiotics can aid in growing good bacteria in the gut. Quality diet needs to be in conjunction with a healthy gut biome to encourage absorption of nutrients. Antibiotics, steroids, and stress can have a negative effect on gut health. We recommend Adored Beast for their excellent quality pre and probiotics options. Our staff favorite is the gut soothe. It can help replenish the lining of the bowel, fight yeast, and combat unhealthy bacteria.