Chewy Pawz

Whole Prey Quail Patties

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Cage Free Quail
4 oz
(Each pack has a minimum of 5 patties or more)

We do not believe an animal built for flight should be confined to the ground. Our quail live a cage free life with access to the outdoors and sunshine.

Whole prey in convenient shelf stable patties. Contains an entire quail (feathers, muscle, bone, organs) excluding the bowels. We know your dog would love it, but this ensure the patties are low odor for the comfort of their human owners. Perfect for travel, boarding, days you forgot to defrost your raw bowl, or to enhance your pet's diet

Feeding Instructions:
Intended for supplemental feeding only. Always supervise while chewing.

Store in cool, dry place or refrigerator for maximum freshness

Flat rate $5.75 shipping fee for all dehydrated treat and chew orders under $75

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