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Large Whole Deer Antler

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Large Grade A Deer Chew measuring over 10" long. These chews are ideal for large breed dogs over 50lbs.

Mule Deer is a slightly lower density deer antler compared to whitetail. It typically has a larger marrow core.

Whitetail Deer is the highest density deer antler we offer. It is very long lasting and durable.
Deer Antlers are denser than other antler options and are a great choice for stronger chewers. Our deer chews are premium quality, natural antlers found in the Northern Rockies. Chewy Pawz antlers are virtually odor free, do not splinter like processed bone, and contain no dyes/preservatives/chemicals.

You are purchasing an ethically sourced chew. Deer antlers are naturally shed every year and are renewable.
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