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Beginner Antler

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Want to train your dog to find their own antlers?

Shed hunting is a fun activity to do with your dog. Elk, deer, and moose naturally shed their antlers every year! This is a harm free sport you can do with your dog on a personal or competitive level.

Want to get started!
Run Your Pack out of Missoula, MT has a self study shed hunting course that is beginner friendly and easy to understand. Click here to learn more.

1- Beginner Shed Deer Antler
Approximately 4-5oz
(Great for foundational work. Small, light weight, minimal tines)

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**These are not a dog chew. Dogs should not chew on antler tine tips. Please select one of these options for a whole antler chew.

Advanced shed hunters- Contact for elk and moose training antlers.

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