Chewy Pawz

Pasture Raised Pork Trotters

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100% pasture raised pork feet

This is a large chew containing bone and (like all chews) requires supervision. Pork feet contain smaller bones, discard once bones are visible. These chews are slowly dehydrated and have a composition of fatty cartilage that preserves bones in a state similar to raw bone.
Bones could be considered a choking hazard for smaller dogs. Ensure your dog's chewing habits are appropriate for dehydrated bone.

Farm to table treats for your dog.
Raised with care by a family farm in the Wyoming foothills with space to roam.

Hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free

Zero chemicals, additives, or preservatives added
Simply Dehydrated

Feeding Instructions:
Always supervise while chewing. Remove any pieces that may break off during chewing. Fresh water should always be made available while your dog is chewing. Not recommended for dogs with pancreatitis.

Store in freezer after opening and between chew sessions

Flat rate $5.75 shipping fee for all dehydrated treat and chew orders under $75

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