Chewy Pawz

Grassfed Angus Beef Hide Rolls (2 Pack)

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Pasture raised, grass-fed Angus beef hide rolls
(hair included just as nature intended!)

Farm to table chews for your dog.
Raised with care by multigenerational family farm in the Northwest.

Hormone and antibiotic free

Zero chemicals or preservatives added
These natural chews may contain grass and debris.

Ethically raised "whole life" cow. A "whole life" animal has lived a normal healthy lifespan and was not harvested early in life which is common in the meat industry.

Feeding Instructions:
Always supervise while chewing.
We recommend breaking chew time into multiple sessions. Fur is a fiber that can benefit the digestive tract.

Too much of anything is never good. Limit chew time to avoid risk of GI tract irritation or blockage.

Store in a cool, dry place between chew sessions


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